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Rocksmith 2014 all updates and unlocked profile and over 400 cus
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Rocksmith 2014 with all updates and all released DLC including Rocksmith 2012 songs on Disc and DLC including over 400 Custom DLC Songs. This also includes a unlocked uplay profile which has everything in the game unlocked. 

The all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition is redesigned from the ground up to give you the fastest, most fun guitar learning experience ever created.
Rocksmith 2014 Edition includes over 50 new songs, new modes and lessons, new features, a completely redesigned interface, and much more

Installation Notes

1. Unrar 
2. Run Rocksmith2014.exe or if you don't have a Real-Tone Cable Run: rocksmith2014-nocable-loader.exe
3. Play	


Nice job putting all that together. Thanks :) question about customs though, since you seem to have this all set up right. Is adding new ones easy as drag and drop a file or 2?
Adding the new customs is as easy as just dropping them into the dlc folder
Good to hear, makes my day. Love what the community's done on this as well as the last one. I'm glad I bought it, but I don't think I've loaded the legit copy in months. cheers
How do I use the unlocked uplay profile? Everything else works perfectly btw. Thanks uploader.
it should show up as a profile named Alexbeav that you can select when you start playing. This profile has everything unlocked that needs to be unlocked but i suggest just starting a new profile and unlocking everything yourself as its not hard and you can do it really quickly.
It's a pity everything is contained in a single rar... I wanted to download the DLCs, not the whole game!
@jd2k5 yeah the thing is, the profile doesnt show up in game. It only shows the profiles that I had before updating.

&where did you get all these customs? I've been looking everywhere and I cant seem to find any for RS2014. If you could, please post a link for Megadeth - Holy Wars. Thanks again man.
I'll look into the profile thing and see what I can come up with. For the customs you can find them on there is a whole community there that develops customs. I'm extremely happy to have found that forum and this awesome tool. As for the dlc folder I'm about to pack up my current file with over 700 songs so keep an eye out for it in the next hour or so.
I unrar'd, and ran the rocksmith2014.exe file and I get an error and rocksmith is forced to close. Is there supposed to be an "instal" file that needs to run first? Also, the rocksmith2014-nocable-loader.exe file was missing (there's an icon, but no application file). Please help. What am I missing?

check that your AV software isn't removing the file after you download it. I don't use the nocable loader and just use the regular exe. Always run the game with administrator privileges as this will avoid any compatibility issues that may come up. I run this on a windows 8.1 machine.
@drknockerz download the folder above and add it to your C:UsersYOUR_USER_NAMEAppDatalocal folder
@jd2k5 the profile isnt working. adding those files also deleted my other 2 profiles, but I backed em up right before doing it so everythings fine. any ideas how to make it work? thanks again, really appreciate this upload.
@jd2k5 copying those files just deleted both my profiles. i have em backed up so everythings fine now. any ideas on how to make it work?
That should have worked hmm.... I am sorry but I don't know why its not working. That skidrow folder i uploaded should have had the profile. Regardless it is still better if you use your own profile and unlock the uplay content yourself as it doesn't take that long. Just do the missions that rocksmith recommends you do and you will unlock everything easily.
Dl and ran the nocable loadr file. Game loads and gets to the one sponsor screen "Ernie Ball" and freezes. Is it checking for the USB cord? I don't have one but wanted to check out the game. When I close the program I have a debug consule which displays a message Could not open file " datagfxassetsdatagfxassetsinputmap.xml
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I had the same issue that @SixStringSlinger.
Any idea?
Whenever I start the game, the audio gets really distorted, and the person talking in the beginning is about 2x slower than he should be. I also can't get past the first tuning, because it says that my E string is out of tune by 999. Is anyone else having this problem?
How's the UPlay thing work if we don't legitimately own the game? I had a different copy and UPlay wasn't even accessible. I'm still downloading this, so I guess I'll find out. Anyone know anything?
Anyone have Weezer, Oasis, Aerosmith, System of a Down, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Kiss, REM, and Straightener official DLC?
they're the ones I can't find anywhere
please, if install this Rocksmith all dlc's play? I just install many rocksmith and some dlc worked and some didn't worked. My rocksmith is cracked and I just change SKIDROW file. please why I can do to all dlc working... thanks a lot
Had to reformat hard drive. Recopied game back on to drive and it opens and crashes for the regular and no cable exe. Direct X and flash are up to date, any suggestions?
hey jd2k5, help me
when i run rocksmith2014-nocable-loader.exe , one window opens with the message "game finished loading", then the game don't open, it simply crashes
I tried using the rocksmith2014_patcher from the 3dm site, the issue continues, appears "try run game, patching, unable to patch (...)"
I just want to play so much this game, plz
I am getting an error message on the debug console:
ERROR: Could not open file "datagfxassetsdatagfxassetsimputmap.xm1" for reading
Does anyone knows how to take care of this issue? Thanks in advance.
Hey guys. I just formatted my pc install the rocksmith 2014 again. It says "Rocksmith2014.exe has stopped working". Now weird part is this problem occured to me when i first try to play rocksmith(another torrent). But googled the problem, deleted the videodump and runned as administrator the rocksmith. It worked.
But this time it doesn't work and i have no idea why. Everthing seems to be up to date. Can anyone help me?
Hey, I'm having problems trying to load the profile with all the unlocks. It keeps loading my old profile, even though I deleted and backed up the folder from the previous version of Rocksmith that's located in C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalSKIDROW205190 to prevent that problem. There were no other folders that would seem to be Rocksmith related. My question is, where is the save location for this version? It seems I'm unable to find it anywhere. I've uninstalled the version of Rocksmith I had before, but the unlocked profile just doesn't seem to load. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks in advance :)
@jd2k5 Thanks for the upload! The game is working here, but I really want the unlocked profile, and there is none profile. I think that I need the "C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalSKIDROW221680Storage files!" Could you upload that?