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Orcs Must Die 2 v362 Complete (all DLCs + classic) (ONLINE/offli
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jimbus edition online offline steam no-steam multiplayer co-op cooperative Orcs Must Die 2 complete OMD2

2013-07-11 12:56:30 GMT


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Orcs Must Die! 2 version (Steam/non-Steam), just install and play.

Features of this Jimbus edition:

  - Installer very compressed.
  - The game is complete and updated to version. Maps of "classic mode" (OMD 1) and "Fire & Water Booster Pack", "Family Ties" and "Are we there Yeti?" DLCs and the "exclusive alienware character skin" are also included.
  - Audio and text are in English/Spanish.
  - Every mission is unlocked (female character). 
  - It includes a tutorial, a trainer and the libraries the game requires.
  - The game can be played in one computer or via internet using Steam.


Q: How can I CHANGE THE LANGUAGE of the game between English/Spanish?
A: With "options.cmd", if you have installed both languages.

Q: Is this release infected with a VIRUS?
A: No, but there is a trainer and some antivirus may detect it as a false possitive. Anyway, you can delete that file if you are unsure.

Q: Do I need STEAM to play?
A: Only for co-op. You can also play alone without Steam.

Q: CO-OP does not work.
A: Yes, it does. Read carefully the included guide.

Notice this is the full game. Do not install it over an existing installation.

Do not say it does not work online before reading carefully the info included in the installer and the .pdf file.	

Important!: Always install the game with ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILEGES!


I wish EVERY repack was a Jimbus edition.. thanks!
this is crap!

shader error!
lol if you had a green skull i woukld trust you but ....i dont .... downloading this = big chance of virus
uploading as Anonymous ... well wont make it better ...stupid Uploader
IMPORTANT!: Unless your O.S. is 32-bit, INSTALL 7ZIP 9.30 64-bit BEFORE INSTALLING the game. It's free:
After install i try to start the game it say vision90.dll is missing. so i download it and put it in the folder, and then it say vbase90.dll is missing so i download it and put it in the folder then it give me a entry point not found error:

anyone have any idea how to fix this?
I don't get the coop guide, who is supposed to change number in steam.appid, the guy with legit copy or the guy with this cracked one? Or both?
Has Viruses... Not cool man
Hey dude, installing this on Windows 8 64bit and it only installs 120 mb worth of date on the folder of my choice then your .bat pops up telling me its finished.

Tried it twice both steam and non steam version - english language allways picked.

hey dude, tengo los mismos problemas de los tíos de arriba. Creo que existe un problema en la extracción de los archivos o algo.... porfavor dinos como arreglar este problema o alguna posible solucion
Just registered to say....


Somebody delete this fucking torrent.
I am somewhat surprised that it is actually working flawlessly.

Side note: Setup.exe doesn't work in x64.
what i did was i ran the setup on my laptop (x32) then copied it on a flash drive and then i put it on the pc and it is working.

Tried most of the dlc maps and didn't have a problem with any so far.

If you are worried that trainer.exe might be a virus then delete it, it won't affect the game (but most trainers are usually considered as viruses by antivirus programs), i remember downloading dishonored trainer from a more secure site and the antivirus went nuts about it every time it had a chance.